The Archeological Museum of Oristano and of Cabras

the Antiquarium Arborense Archeological Museum of Oristano and the Giovanni Marongiu Municipal Museum of Cabras, only a 15 minute drive apart, offer the opportunity of a day focused on Mediterranean archeology and not only

the first in fact, aside from its focus on the cultural aspect of Mediterranean archeology, is also home to valuable artefacts from the Near East, Anatolia, 19th century Africa and Sardinia

the Museum, inaugurated in 2016 following restoration and upgrading works, the elimination of architectural barriers and creation of multimedia exhibit spaces, houses a Cultural Heritage owned by the municipality, made up in particular by Pischedda, Carta, Sanna Delogu, Pau, Cominacini-Boy and D’Urso-Vitiello architectural collections

these include more than 10,000 archaeological finds and, in addition, a number of objects left by the Department of National Archeological Heritage since 1945 or seized in the province

the Museum is laid out on two floors:

Ground Floor: Room I ‘The Sand of Time’ and Tactile Museum

Upper Floor: Room II ‘The Family of the Antique Dealer’, Video Room, Retables Room and Show Room for Temporary exhibitions

the Antiquarium Arborense is also the only museum in Sardinia with a section for blind and visually impaired people, where they are accompanied through a tactile exhibit by specialized guides

the Civic Archaeological Museum of Cabras instead offers a look into the discovery of the famous Giants of Mont’e Prama, the only statues found of the Nuragic world, believed to celebrate heroic ancestors in a grandiose manner reserved to the Nuragic aristocracy

the Giants were discovered in the Heroon of Mont’e Prama, a vast funerary and monumental site of Sinis, just 2km from the Basin of Cabras and not far from the port area of Tharros

The Museum houses a selection of male statues: three boxers with an armed glove and protective head gear, two archers with bows and protective gear on an arm and a glove, and a warrior bearing a finely decorated shield

These majestic and mighty sculptures carved in an oriental-like style were extracted from blocks of up to 400 kilos (880 lbs) from a local quarry. The statues have pronounced noses and eyebrows, with large concentric eyes, possibly symbolizing power and magic


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