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along the Costa Verde, from Arbus to Guspini, the industrial past and breath-taking nature are part of this unique, protected area, which has been included on the UNESCO World Heritage List for its beauty and extension

the crystal-clear sea, with hues of green and deep-blue, brushes the golden shores of a marine desert surrounded by the impressive sand dunes; Just beyond the dunes is an open-air museum, featuring majestic relics and rusting ancient machinery submerged in the sand, silent witnesses to centuries of struggle but also great dignity and hope

the coastline where the Hotel sits has remained uncontaminated, with its high cliffs and endless stretches of beach dotted with watchtowers built by the Barbary pirates

hotel Le Dune Piscinas is situated in an area that to the north extends all the way to Punta S’Aschivoni, including also the sand dunes of Pistis and the large Torre dei Corsari beach. The region has been declared a SIC (European Site of Interest), due to its environmental value in the CEE, referred to the Mediterranean biographic region. The SIC area overlaps the “Parco Geominerario Storico Ambientale della Sardegna” (Historical Geo-Mineral and Environmental Park of Sardinia), included on the UNESCO World Heritage List

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