Montevecchio was one of the largest mining sites of the European continent. Nestled in green mountains, a few miles from the Ingurtosu Mines and the dunes of Piscinas, in the Arburese region (south-west Sardinia), Montevecchio is part of the municipalities of Arbus and Guspini.

The Montevecchio mines are usually classified into two groups:

  • The Eastern Workings (Montevecchio Levante) include the mines Sciria, Piccalinna, Mezzena-Sartori and Montevecchio and are situated along the road going from  Montevecchio to Guspini
  • The Western Workings (Montevecchio Ponente) include the mines Montevecchio 2ª–Sanna,   Montevecchio 3ª–Telle e Casargiu and are situated along the unpaved road going from Montevecchio to Ingurtosu.

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