Dune of Piscinas

the Dunes of Piscinas can be reached from Ingurtosu, in the heart of the Geomineral Park of Sardinia and of the area that – together with Monte Arcuentu inland –  was declared a Natural Park on 18th May 2001

after passing through the beautiful, long abandoned village, the road becomes unpaved and goes down to the coast, an amazing corner of unspoiled nature, where the power of the mistral has strongly pushed  the coastal sand inland, forming a dune system 40 metres high

the beach of fine yellow sand,  the dunes shaped by the wind, the curvy vegetation, witness the life of a charming and pristine desert, a unique spot in Europe that covers a surface area of around 3 sq/km (1.2 yrds), where the Sardinian deer rule supreme

nestled in the sand dunes, the Hotel Le Dune Piscinas is a unique pearl in a beautiful necklace, overlooking a multi-coloured sea, changing from green to blue


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