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Le Dune Piscinas Hotel

set in an atmosphere of another time, amid the rolling sand dunes silhouetted against a deep blue sea on the south-western coast of Sardinia, the 4 Star Hotel Ecoresort Le Dune Piscinas offers a unique holiday experience



an American bar open all day, in the comfortable Dune restaurant or a light lunch on the beach and in the evening you can choose the daily Il Ginepro menu or try the Rosso Tramonto gastronomic offerings, to satisfy all tastes, from the most curious to those more demanding, never boring, always discovering new flavors

there are moments when the eyes we have are not enough!

sitting at the Rosso Tramonto restaurant at Le Dune Piscinas your eyes will move from the dazzling beauty of sunset over the sea, where the colors will change as in a magical kaleidoscope, the dishes that Chef Vincenzo Vaccaro has created: palettes with hands and hands With the eyes of those who have long studied art


lapped by a crystal clear sea with all the shades of green and blue, is a large marine desert surrounded by imposing sand dunes; In the interior, just a few hundred meters from the sea, is an open-air museum with ruins and plants rusted with rust and sandwiched in the sand, witnessing centuries of effort but also of great dignity and hopes

on the Costa Verde from Arbus to Guspini, the industrial past and the beauty of nature intertwine in an UNESCO-protected environmental site that marks it among the heritage of humanity for its uniqueness and its extension



piscinas boasts the wildest and most romantic qualities Sardinia has to offer: dunes, Junipers, Pistachia Lentiscus, Aleppo pines and a crystal-blue sea clashing in a stunning silence filled with colours and fragrances; matched only by the sunset, when the golden sand turns red and the colours in the sky inspire poetry and emotions: impossible not to be moved by its splendour!


the rich territory of Piscinas and its waters offer the highest quality ingredients, tradition and innovation for food lovers. The Haute Cousine of Le Dune Piscinas is contemporary and ecological, combining taste and passion to create exquisite healthy dishes


the industrial past and enchanting nature unravel along the Costa Verde: from Arbus to Guspini, in West Sardinia, the desert and crystal-clear sea embrace the Hotel Le Dune Piscinas, on the backdrop of massive dunes where the majestic Sardinian deer rule supreme


The ideal place to devote oneself to your well-being by practicing yoga or pilates every day, pampered by expert massages? in the middle of the largest desert in Europe, surrounded by imposing sand dunes and a crystal clear and pristine sea, in absolute quiet, the hotel Le Dune Piscinas offers a program divided into three days with massages and daily Yoga classes, Stretching and Pilates

Your Dream Wedding

a unique, refined and evocative location, immersed in an enchanting and exclusive nature: this makes Piscinas the perfect venue for special events, such as the day of your Wedding […]

Incentive & business meeting

Le Dune Piscinas is the perfect location to surprise participants, offering an entirely unique experience: team building activities and business meetings immersed in a splendid nature  […]

Sempre più manager e turisti in fuga dalla folla, lasciano il lusso della Costa Smeralda per cercare oasi di pace e relax. E le trovano sulla costa sarda di nord-ovest, che da Isola Rossa scende verso il Sinis, bypassando la movida ruspante del Golfo dell’Asinara. È questa la parte dell’isola più autentica, fatta di torri antiche, spiagge da sogno, perle archeologiche e vini da riscoprire…

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sculpted by the mistral wind and embellished with juniper bushes and olive trees, the Piscinas Dunes paint a mercurial backdrop on Sardinia’s southwestern Costa Verde (Green Coast). A former mining warehouse, Hotel Le Dune Piscinas sits at the edge of the Mediterranean Sea, with ample windows and lounge spots for admiring the ever changing canvas of sky, sand, and waves

“Lungo un remoto tratto della Costa Verde in Sardegna, nel mezzo di uno dei più elevati sistemi dunali in Italia, questo hotel occupa una vecchio magazzino minerario. Smentendo origini così umili, è un classico rifugio chic: tranquillo, esclusivo e benedetto da una posizione privilegiata direttamente sulla spiaggia. Le camere senza fronzoli sono tranquille e ben attrezzate, le aree pubbliche sono ariose, il bar e il ristorante sono perfettamente soddisfacenti ma è della sua posizione che vi ricorderete.”